The most popular event in our tours, the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, is performed by our team according to old customs and traditions. This unique happening was broadcast on Travel Channel. We perform the ritual according to the old burying rituals in Transylvania. Therefore, tourists discover the genuine folklore and find out that Romanian had no knowledge of Vampires prior to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel.

The event will familiarize the guests with the Romanian terminology associated with the living dead – the strigoi and moroi. A great deal of the elements used to assure the passing of a supposed strigoi or moroi is still in use even today: candles, incense, garlic, holy water, basil. The body of the supposed strigoi is laid to rest in a coffin and is surrounded by family and friends. A priest conducts the ceremony meant to set free the captive soul. Gathered around the coffin the family was part of the ritual holding candles to guide the soul into the light, surrounding the coffin 3 times symbolising the holy trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. At the end of the ritual a wooden steak was put through the heart of the deceased.